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India trip

Day 18

October 27

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Emily! We are now in London and operating in a fog at this time. We had no trouble getting on our flight here and it was a full flight but no crying babies or loud people so we were able to rest and/or sleep on the way here. Glenn actually had a "dinner snack" when we first got on at 2:30 but I decided I would rather go on to sleep. I slept fairly well all things considered but I couldn't stretch my legs out and my knee ached a bit in the night. They turned the lights on in the plane about 5:15 am to give us our breakfast. It wasn't the worst meal but definitely not the best either. We ate, got our stuff loaded up and landed. They had announced on the plane that at the time of landing it was only 3 degrees C. So I was wishing I had something heavier than just a hoodie.

When we got off the plane we exchanged some money so we had our British pounds and bought our tube pass for the day and made our way to the tube station. We had to change trains to get to Victoria station which is very close to our hotel. We stopped at a coffee shop in Victoria station and had a BIG cup of coffee that was so warm and yummy! It was very chilly out so I decided that the first order of business was to buy me a sweater to wear under my hoodie. Actually the first order of business was to drop off our luggage at the hotel but the sweater was the second! We found our hotel with minimal wandering which is good since we were dragging our bags around. It is nice hotel very conveniently located. We couldn't check in yet since it was till morning but we could leave our bags which we did.

We then went in search of food since it had been 6 hours since I had eaten last. We found a little sandwich/snack shop and got warm ham and cheese croissants. It sure tasted good. We also scoped out the pub that is near the hotel where we will grab dinner tonight. Then we went in search of me a sweater. We went back to Victoria station since they had all sorts of shops in there and found me a sweater very quickly. It is a very warm sweater and I love it. We then went exploring.

We walked by Westminster Cathedral and the by Westminster Abbey. We saw the Parliament building and Big Ben. Then we walked to the Thames and walked down near the river for quite a while. We just enjoyed being out and about and seeing the sights. We took a few pictures but we only had my camera since Glenn's was still in his bag at the hotel. It was cloudy and quite windy so I was very thankful for my sweater and felt sorry for Glenn. He only had his light jacket and his thermal stuff was still in his suitcase. We will both be better prepared and warmer tomorrow.

When we made it back to our hotel our room was ready and we were able to come in and get situated. It is a nice room with a view. We are up on the 9th floor (that is the top floor for this hotel) so we can see quite a bit. I think I may rest just a bit but don't want to do too much as I was to sleep tonight and try to get adjusted to this time. We will have 30 hours of October 27 so it will truly be a long day!

Had a good little rest. Our bed is really comfy after all the rock hard beds in India. Glenn was going through his email as I was resting and had one from Anil that he had sent to the Department of Overseas Ministries of UCC and Disciples and CC’ed Glenn on. It told about our visit and about me giving blood. Less than 24 hours after I gave that blood a 20 year-old woman came in and gave birth but her placenta was attached to the uterine wall. She was bleeding profusely so Anil sent her husband and brother-in-law up to the lab to donate but she had O+ and they both at B so they could not give. Since O- is a universal donor type he was able to use my blood and save her life. Wow! Now the baby still has a mother and I got to see a beautiful picture of a smiling woman who would not be alive if I hadn't given the blood. When I gave I wondered if I would ever know who got it and now I do! Makes me feel pretty darn good. It truly is the gift of life. Think I will go celebrate with fish and chips and a pint! Okay I was going to have that any way but now it is a celebration.

We went back to Victoria station and looked at souvenirs and such but didn't buy anything yet. I haven't decided what exactly we need yet but I wanted to know prices there and what they have. Then we went to King George Tavern and had awesome fish and chips and mushy peas! Glenn had a pint of Guinness and I had a pint of Lamplighter which was very good. We are now so full since we are used to sharing and eating much lighter meals. Don't think I will be hungry for a bit at least. We are going to watch some “telly” and hit the sack earlier than usual for India, since we ate dinner at 5:45 instead of 11:00. But of course it is now 11:30 India time so I guess we did eat at 11. Tomorrow is sight seeing around here again. Going to Buckingham Palace again especially since last time Glenn had forgotten to put his stick in his camera so all the pics he took were not actually on the camera.

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