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India trip

Day 22

October 31

Well, so much for reflections. I have to share my experience first. I am on the flight home but Glenn is somewhere in London, I think. I got on the flight but her did not. But let me start out in the beginning. We got up early, no alarm needed, and started getting ready. Last night Glenn had realized that he left his phone in our rental car yesterday. So he was going to drop me at the tube station and run back by the rental car place when it opened at 7:30. So I sat and drank coffee and ate an excellent roll and waited for him. His errand was a success, his phone was still in the car they hadn't even found it. So we headed for the airport on the tube. The train we got on didn't go all the way to the airport so we hopped off at one station to change and Glenn got on the train that would take us all the way but the doors closed before I could get on. So I waited for the next train and knew I would just meet him at the airport. Well, I waited and waited and finally got on one that would at least get me closer to the station. Then I switched at another station and finally arrived to see Glenn standing there waiting on me. We hurried to the check in as we were running a bit behind where we wanted to be only to be told that they have over booked and we did not have seats since we had not paid the extra to reserve our seats in advance. With all the rerouting do to the hurricane we were not terribly surprised but still we had bought our tickets months ago.

In the end they were able to get me on, but only because Glenn insisted that I needed to be at work tomorrow. They weren't going to let us split up before that. So they told me to go to the head of security and I ran to security got through in record time, ran to the shuttle, ran to the gate and waited....they hadn't even really started boarding yet! I was sweaty and out of breath but I was where I needed to be. They had switched planes to a 747 from a 777 so that they had more seats. If they hadn't I wouldn't be on the flight at all. They assured Glenn that he would be on the next flight but I think it is not until tomorrow. Not sure what is up with him but will hopefully Skype tonight with him. Anyway I have a nice aisle seat next to a nice woman who is from Sante Fe. We have just had our lunch which was good and I had my little bottle of wine with it which was excellent. I am going to probably watch a movie or so because if I try to read like I have been I may fall asleep and I am trying not to do that so that I sleep well tonight. I am really curious what is up with Glenn and it is very hard with him having no cell service. Hopefully he is comfy and at least he is the one with the pounds and I am the one with the dirty clothes. He also has our cosmetics so luckily I have replacements for most things. I will reflect later for now I think a movie is called for!

I watched 2 movies back to back and then had a chicken salad sandwich for not sure of the meal since it was 2:30 US time and 7:30 to my body. It was good and free on the flight. I quick note on the woman who sat next to me. She sat the entire 10 hour flight with her purse on her lap. She fretted and frittered the whole time. At least she wasn't too bad all things considered. Got in to Dallas on time with no problems with immigration or customs. Made it to my connecting flight with plenty of time and had priority seating so I got to get on early. The flight was not full but a woman sat next to me and could have moved to sit by her husband who was right in front of her but she didn't move. Instead she talked to me the whole flight! I know her whole story...she lost a son 17 years ago, both her boys are adopted, in February she was in a coma for 9 days, she has 2 grandkids....and more! I kept trying to stay awake but my brain kept fuzzing over while she was talking.

While I was getting off the plane in Dallas, I get a call from Glenn and he is in Chicago! I was thrilled he was in the US and would be home shortly after me. I called Mom and just told her to come a bit later and we would wait for Glenn. He made it in early and we were home by 8! Now it is laundry and sorting and unpacking. Trying to stay up till 10:00 to try and get our bodies on US time. We will see how that goes! So for now this is the end of my travels and end of the blog unless I get time to reflect sometime this weekend or until my next travels. Thanks for tuning in!

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