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India trip

Day 15

October 24

Not a bad night's sleep. Used our towels as a top sheet and were comfortable. About 6:00 the power went out for about 5 minutes and when it came back on the AC did not. Luckily we have 2 good ceiling fans so we stayed comfortable. At 7:00 there was a knock on our door and it was 3 of Glenn's friends from childhood who had lived in the Indian community near the compound. Bilhan had told them Glenn was in town so they dropped by. More remembering and catching up on each other. They were also so excited to see Glenn. After they left we showered, sort of, with the cold water that was available and got our stuff packed up.

As we were driving to the compound we saw Bilhan coming toward us on the back of a friend's motorcycle. He got in our car and we went to the president's house. It is in disrepair and the grounds were all over grown. Bilhan said only part of it was being used and then not very often as one of the president's sons is mainly in Delhi and the other is elsewhere. Glenn and Bilhan shared memories of coming there as kids and we walked around the grounds. Originally we were going to have breakfast at the compound but all his family was elsewhere so we went back to our hotel and had a marginal breakfast of both undercooked and yet burned toast and jam sandwiches. Oh well, it was food so we ate and headed out to Diptipur.

The road there was again stellar, okay it was bumpy as all get out, but we made it there in 2 hours. We were greeted by Bilhan's brother-in-law and we went in and had tea. We toured the grounds there and saw where Glenn was raised as a little bitty kid. We also went to the hospital where he was born which was right across the street from their bungalow. They talked about the problems faced by Diptipur and the closing of the hospital. We went back to the house and had lunch and more talking. We left Diptipur about 3:15.

Our drive to Mungeli has made me feel like Mr. Toad on his wild ride. Think of 5 hours and counting of the Runaway Mine train at 6 Flags, only with very large trucks coming toward you and more bumps and jerks. We have seen 3 more elephants on the road and lots of lights and festivities as this is the last night of the 9 day Hindu festival. Right now we are parked at the side of the road while our driver checks out one of our tires that had picked up a long spring. Not sure if he is replacing the tire or not. I am sitting in the car but Glenn is outside with the driver. Just looked back and it looks like the guys at the tire place or checking it out. Oh well, the fun never ends. As we have been driving I keep thinking of if Kris were here. She would be yelling, "Holy Moley! Oh, my! Eeeek!" and much more that I won't type because you never know who might read this. Kris, this road is wilder than Medano pass that we went 4 wheeling in Colorado! Hopefully we will make it there soon. I hear the tire being put back on. At least we were near a tire place. Will finish this up when we get where we are going.

We are here!!!! After 8 hours!!! Our driver did take a wrong turn at some point so we added time for that plus the tire, the very heavy traffic, waiting to pay tax at different stations and parading elephants. It was hard at times since the driver doesn't speak much English but we got by. We were met by Anil, who is a doctor here at the hospital and several people here doing medical training. They were all thrilled to see us and had even fixed dinner which we ate. Our meal times have been so messed up! We talked for a bit and then got up to our room which is actually a small 2 bedroom apartment. We have internet which I guess you could tell by the fact that this is being posted! Now it is midnight so I think I shall call it a day!!!!

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